EngineeredWood Flooring

As a fifth generation family run business our focus has always been on providing quality products which stand the test of time - our new range of engineered wood flooring is no exception.

Our dedication to quality starts with the meticulous selection of raw materials, with our European Oak solely sourced from sustainably managed forests in Germany, Austria & Hungary, whilst our birch plywood is sourced from a single mill in Finland.

Every stage of the production process for our solid and engineered wood floors is carried out in our European factory. From taking delivery of the freshly sawn logs, to sawmilling, kilning, initial machining, laminating, final machining to packing, it is all carried out on one site, giving us total quality control - something that is truly unique to Beach Bros.

Our factory in Exeter is dedicated to the finishing process offering a diverse range of colours and textures all of which can be applied to any of our wood floors offering total flexibility.

For the real experience we invite you to visit our showroom in Exeter which displays large areas of our floors laid for you to walk on, so that you can see and feel the quality of our products.

Coloured FinishesWe provide a unique finishing service which enables any of our solid or engineered wood floors to be finishing a coloured finish either from our popular 15 colours or develop a completely unique finish just for you. Check out our and here.
Beach Bros Winter 2018 - Colour Collection

ShowroomOur showroom is the largest wood flooring showroom in the South West. We are proud to display large areas of our floors laid for you to walk on, so that you can see the different widths, grades and finishes available, without having to rely upon small samples or flooring packs being delivered to your house.

ExperienceWe have sold in excess of 1 million square metres of wood flooring.

TracabilityWe are extremely proud of our raw materials. All of our oak is grown and sawn in Austria, Hungary or Germany and we only use birch plywood from two mills, one in Finland and the other in Russia, to ensure consistent quality in our floors.

KnowledgeOur staff are comprehensively trained to be able to give you the very best customer service

HistoryWe have over 50 years experience manufacturing & distributing wood flooring.

Inbetween - European Oak - Mixed GradeInbetween Engineered European Oak Mixed Grade - Saicos Premium Hardwax Oil Finish

Inbetween - European Oak - Nature GradeInbetween Engineered European Oak Nature Grade - Saicos Premium Hardwax Oil Finish

Inbetween - European Oak - Select GradeInbetween Engineered European Oak Select Grade - Saicos Premium Hardwax Oil Finish